thanks so much for checking out my blog–it means a lot to me!  my hope is that you will be encouraged here, whether it’s from a money saving tip i’ve learned along the way, a piece of parenting advice we’ve found that works for us, or some easy DIY home improvement projects.

i’ve been married to my husband for 3.5 years and in that time we have been extremely blessed with two sweet little boys. before we had kids i worked as on OR RN as my full-time gig, but after our firstborn came along we decided that staying home with our children was the best fit for our family.  i still work occasionally as an RN when i find some spare time, so truly i feel like i have the best of both worlds.

although i am juggling many different roles, my main identity is as a child of God, for apart from Him i can do nothing (john 15:5). thanks again for stopping by! i hope you’ll continue to stick around and journey with me on this fun and crazy ride. buckle up and let’s get ready to go!